Stack Education

Stack Education was built on the belief that learning is continuous, contagious, and that knowledge should be accessible to all. They are deeply concerned that the acceleration of technology has produced a world where change occurs at an unrivaled speed, leading to immense skills gaps that leaves jobs unfilled and individuals underemployed.

Stack Education, in partnership with institutions for higher learning, wants to change that. 

Stack's experience in both traditional and startup higher education institutions informs their commitment to ensuring that local community colleges, state colleges, and  regional universities remain pillars in their communities by serving as the primary educators for market-driven skills. 

The team at Stack Education believes that  higher education institutions should be the centers of lifelong learning in their communities, where students don’t just enroll for a two or four-year degree, but are always able to learn and develop new skills. They want to cultivate engaging discussions in the classroom that spillover to the outside world. 

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