Frequently Asked Questions


How are we different from student lenders?

We want you to work hard and succeed. We want to help you become successful and then share in that success.

Compared to student loans your repayments in our income sharing program is lower when you earn less and higher when you earn more. So, unlike student loan companies, we do well when you do well. And, as a result, we want you to do well.

We believe that, to solve an economic problems as big as our student loan crisis, we need a market driven solution that works in the student’s favor and that is what we are offering.

Our solution requires you to work hard but we reduce your barriers related to mentorship and industry connections that can be a crucial to attaining your career goals.

What does MentorWorks get? How do you, MentorWorks, generate revenue?

We manage the ISA fund for our investors and get a percentage of funds under management and a percentage of repayments. We are a for-profit business and want to show that we can indeed do well by doing good.


How are students selected for this program?

We will use student academic performance in college, SAT scores, professor recommendations, and a short statement of career aspirations. Candidates will be screened based only on these criteria. No credit information is used for undergraduate students.

In addition to the above information, for graduate students, we may use credit information to verify payment regularity.

What is the GPA requirement?

There is no set criteria regarding the GPA. Selection depends on the overall pool of applicants as well as the relative GPA average levels in their selected majors.


What if my grades start to do poorly after I enroll and receive money?

The funding is staged across years and we expect a certain minimum level of academic performance to continue funding you.

We have professors on our team, and we understand that individuals can have bad semesters. We are willing to give the benefit of doubt in extraordinary circumstances, on a case by case basis.

Is this service available for international students?

At this point, we are only able to provide this service for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. If you are an international student, please let us know your interest by emailing us at and we will keep you updated as and when we are able to provide this service to international students.


What is the maximum amount of financing that I can ask for?

The ISA program provides financing up to $50,000.

What are the payment terms, duration and rate?

Payment term can be between 3 and 9-years depending on amount borrowed and income share rate, with payment forgiveness allowed based on income levels falling below a certain threshold.

Is there an interest rate?

ISAs are not loans, and so there is no interest rate. Every month you repay a fixed percentage of your salary. For example, if the ISA equity rate is 2%, and your annual (pre-tax) salary is $50,000, you pay (0.02/12)*50,000 = $83. This is just an example, and actual equity rate depends on the amount you borrow, academic performance, etc.

What is the income share rate?

Instead of interest rates, our ISA repayments are based on an “income share rate” which refers to the fraction of your annual income you pay for the financing you get.

Is this tied to my credit?

Since ISAs are not loans, we will only use adverse credit history as a gating mechanism for our ISAs. It will not affect the pricing of your ISAs, nor will payment forgiveness affect your credit score adversely.

Do I have to pay a fee to be a part of this?

No, there are no fees to join this program. Selection into this program will be purely on the basis of academic merit and future potential.

How is this different from a loan if I'm still making payments after graduation?

ISAs are different because, unlike loans, the amount of money you pay decreases if your salary decreases and increases if your salary increases. We will also offer monthly payment forgiveness for extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses or job losses (or incomes falling below a certain threshold amount). However, if you decide to get more education we can offer deferments for the period of education.

What if I am unable to make payments?

We offer automatic payment deferrals for inability to make payments for financial reasons including job loss, salary cuts, and extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses. All you need to do is provide a document showing your circumstance (letter from employer, medical bills, etc.) You should also be willing to circulate your resume among the connections that we can provide.

What if I default on payments?

As mentioned above, ISAs are default free. If you cannot make payments for financial reasons, we will defer your payments upon submission of proof of financial difficulty. After a certain number of deferral periods, we will forgive the payments.

Can I make early payments?

Yes, we will have an early repayment provision.


Who are the mentors?

The mentors are industry veterans and managers who have a variety of backgrounds and technical experience. Initially, mentors will be individuals from our own network. As our program expands, mentors will also include individuals who graduated from our program.

Would I be tied to a mentor?

No, you will talk to multiple mentors, unless you and a mentor choose to work on projects together. We want you to get as many different career perspectives as possible.

How will mentors help me?

You can utilize mentors’ help in different ways. You can talk to them about career paths you may be interested in and want to learn more. You can request connections with employers that interest you.

Will they be able to help me find internship and job opportunities? Do you guarantee internships or jobs?

While we and our mentors will do our best to try and open doors for you, there are no guarantees. In fact, we don’t believe that any honest person or business can ever make such guarantees.

What if I get a really low paying job or if I can't find a job at all?

We will try to help you in two ways. First, we will defer your payments if your income falls below a certain level; and second, you can continue to talk with our mentors and industry connections to help get you back on track to a fruitful career.

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