Category: Social justice

Which is more like indentured servitude: Income share agreement or student loan?

Apr 24, 2019
Income-share agreements, Student loans, Social justice

 We have heard the concern that income share agreements (ISAs) can be like indentured servitude. At face value, this seems plausible, given the notion of “income sharing” embedded in the name of this financing option. I would like to dispel this criticism of ISAs in this note, including the substantive nature of this argument and the aspects driving this perception. In simple terms, an educational income share agreement is an obligation, but not a loan, where a student gets...

Food Insecurity and Homelessness on College Campuses

Apr 09, 2018
Social justice

In college, students face many new challenges: harder classes, internships, increased independence, and living away from home. But recent articles are drawing attention to issues that our society isn’t as comfortable discussing: food insecurity and homelessness. At many colleges, food insecurity affects almost 40% of students. Additionally, 36% of students are housing insecure, and 9% are outright homeless. Why are college students facing these issues? In many cases, these issues spread...

Mentor Spotlight: Netta Jenkins and Diversity in Mentorship

Apr 04, 2018
Career development and mentoring, Social justice

Today’s Mentor Spotlight focuses on Netta Jenkins, a graduate of Cambridge College and Head of Diversity and Inclusion at IAC Applications. Netta uses her experience as an agent for workplace equality to inform how she mentors. Sabrina had the chance to sit down with Netta and talk to her about her career, mentors, and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Sabrina: Would you like to start by giving a quick introduction of yourself? Netta: I’m Director and Head of Diversity...

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