LinkedIn Study: 85% get jobs through professional networking

Jan 30, 2018
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Published By: LinkedIn

Author: Lou Adler

In 2015&2016, Lou Adler, the CEO of a consulting and training firm that helps companies implement Performance-based Hiring℠ ran a survey regarding how people got their jobs. Adler studied three primary methods that people used to get their jobs; applying (online), professional networking, and internal hiring.

The results of Adler’s study showed that networking, by far, was the most commonly used method people used to get their job. For people who passively searched for jobs, 62% of them got their jobs from networking, and only 8% of them got their jobs from online applications.

professional networking results

Lou Adler

The article contains much more fascinating insights into the different methods of job searching. Click here to read the full article

This study shows that even with the rise of various job boards such as Glassdoor and, there is still no better way to get a job like networking.

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