Seven Steps to Finding a Mentor

Apr 13, 2018
Career development and mentoring

Finding a Mentor

The benefits of mentorship are endless: personal development, greater career success, and even higher earning potential. But finding a mentor can be difficult. Here are seven steps to finding a mentor and building a relationship that will last:

1. Find people who inspire you
Finding a mentor with values, beliefs, and characteristics you admire is more important than finding one with your dream job at your dream company. While your career goals may change, your character will stay with you throughout your life.


2. Express your interest
Make sure your potential mentor knows who you are. Engage with them by discussing common interests or asking questions about their work.


3. Reach out
Once your potential mentor is familiar with you, take it to the next step. See if they are available for a short conversation over coffee or lunch. Keep it low pressure and use it as an opportunity to see if the relationship would be a good fit for both parties.


4. Maintain the relationship
Like any relationship, mentorship requires effort and attention. Try to make a regular commitment to meet with your potential mentor and keep them up to date on your progress.


5. Don’t give up
For many people, professional mentorship can feel a bit unnatural at first. Don’t let that deter you- put your fear aside and give the relationship a chance to develop before you write it off.


6. Know when to move on
While you shouldn’t give up right away, it’s okay to move on if you or your mentor still feel like it isn’t the right fit. Many times, it’s simply an issue of timing. People need different types of guidance at different points in their life, and not every mentorship is meant to be. Be respectful and stay on good terms, but don’t feel obligated to stay in an unfulfilling mentorship.


7. Give back
Mentorship should be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. If your mentor is struggling with problems in their own career, you may be able to offer a fresh perspective. Try to offer value to your mentor in order to make your relationship more mutually fulfilling.


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