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Income Share Agreements

MentorWorks provides education financing for students through Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and provide networking opportunities with valuable mentors and employers.

Networking Program

Mentors come from a pool of individuals who want to give back and corporate professionals that want greater access to a diverse talent pool. Funded students return as mentors after graduation and get repayment discounts.

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We provide financial assistance for traditional college programs, graduate and certificate programs, and professional development training.
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If you are a working professional or a company looking to give back and access a strong and diverse talent pool, we'd love to hear from you.
For mentors

MentorWorks is a program I believe in because it is honest and is a strong proponent for working hard to create your own luck. The best athletes have had multiple coaches and trainers. Its the same with professionals, the best business professionals have multiple mentors and a strong network."

- David D.

I was able to use one of these connections to secure an amazing summer internship, and ultimately a post-graduation job."

- Jon R.

The MentorWorks program has been a great experience for me as a mentee Having MentorWorks has helped me to secure a job at Granite Telecommunications."

- Fatimat B.

MentorWorks has provided me with the opportunity to have seasoned professionals that I probably would have never met on my own as mentors."

- Ann S.

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