Students are often unable to fully benefit from a college education because of costly student loans and the lack of clear pathways toward a successful career. As a result, we see high dropout rates, lack of mentorship and networks, suboptimal careers, and significant default rates on student loans.

MentorWorks Can Help

MentorWorks empowers students by combining income share agreement financing with high-value mentoring into one package through a novel platform.

Using Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs) we will provide financing for higher education funded by accredited investors and corporations who will invest in a pool of ISAs
Structured mentorship and internship opportunities for students to enhance career prospects
Students get increased visibility to employers and greater career opportunities
Employer Benefit
Employers benefit from having early access to students with a diverse group of skill sets
Interests of students, employers and investors aligned to result in successful student careers
Investors benefit when students do well as their returns are tied to student income
Education finance repayment
Education finance repayment burden is reduced for students in times of negative shocks to their income or extraordinary circumstance

Why MentorWorks?

Student loans impose a significant burden by adversely affecting career choices, quality of life, and wealth creation ability. At the same time, students from less affluent backgrounds often lack access to mentors who can open doors to career-building opportunities. Put together, this can lead to high dropout rates, suboptimal career and loan defaults. MentorWorks solves both these issues through Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs) and a program that has a common goal for students, investors and companies – building great careers for students.

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